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Public Library

LIbrary History
The first library in Cabot was founded in 1896.  Books were housed sometimes at a store or in someone's home and the few books available were easily carried to whatever location became convenient. The need for new books was great, but there was little money and no place to keep them in large numbers.  The ladies of the Judith Lyford Woman’s Club, which was founded in 1912 with 12 members, realized the need for a town library and set about raising money for that purpose.

A former summer resident in Cabot,  Charles Willey, while visiting during the 1916 Old Home Week celebration, learned of their efforts and offered to donate two dollars for every dollar they raised.  The ladies took the challenge, and within a year had raised $3,573.15.  True to his word, Charles Willey gave them his check for $7,646.36.  With that incentive, local individuals donated additional money,  materials and time for the project. 

Library Hours:
Tues 9-6
Weds 2-6
Thurs 9-6
Sat 9-12

Library Directors
Kathleen Hoyne

Beth Wade
Jeannie McCallum
Kurt Steinert
Linda Gabrielson, Treasurer
Angela Olge


Cabot Public LIbrary
PO Box 6, 3084 Main Street
Cabot, Vermont 05647


Email: cabotlibrary@yahoo.com


- Click here to go to the Cabot Public Library Website
- Click here for Library Program Information
- Read more about the history of the Library and Willey Building at the Cabot Historical Society

Tues 9-6
Weds 2-6
Thurs 9-6
Sat 9-12

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Northeast Kingdom Chamber of Commerce
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