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Health Officer

Town Health Officers are responsible for
Investigating possible public health hazards and risks within the municipality
- Taking action to prevent, remove or destroy any such hazards
- Taking action to mitigate significant public health risks
- Enforcing health laws, rules and permit conditions, and taking the steps necessary to enforce orders

Examples of Town Health Officer responses
- Complaints of failing sewage systems that may affect the public’s health
- Rental housing complaints
- Complaints of animal cruelty & animal bites
- Closing swimming areas that may be a public health threat
- Local compliance with Vermont’s Lead Law

Many times the town health officer will need to take a formal approach to solve a local health problem. The statutes at 18 VSA Chapter 3 provide the authority for the town health officer to address a local health problem, and to take enforcement action when necessary.

Additional Resources

Vermont Health Department
- Role of the Town Health Officer

Val Covell, Cabot Health Officer


Contact the Department of Health

Phone: toll-free 800-439-8550


The Board of Health of a municipality is made up of the local health officer and the town selectboard.

- Vermont Department of Health


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