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Board of Civil Authority

Members include the Justices of Peace, Selectmen and Town Clerk.

The Board of Civil Authority is responsible for:
- maintaining the voters' checklist and make changes to the Checklist as needed. Every two years the board must review the voter checklist and make a list of names of voters to be challenged and/or purged.
assisting with elections and delivering absentee ballots and hears appeals from final decisions of the Listers as to the valuation of property
- hearing appeals from taxpayers if they disagree with the Board of Listers final decision on the valuation of property.

Tax Appeals
Property owners who disagree with the listers’ appraisals are entitled to a hearing before the listers. If they are not satisfied with the decision following that hearing, they may appeal to the Board of Civil Authority. The appeal must be made in writing, stating the grounds for such appeal, and must be lodged with the town clerk, who shall record it and call a meeting of the board of civil authority to hear the appeal.

Additional Information

- Are you appealing?
- Handbook on Property Tax Appeals
- BCA Minutes


Vermont Secretary of State
128 State Street
Montpelier, VT 05633-1101

Phone: 802-828-2464
or 800-439-8683 (in state only)


After it considers the evidence presented, the board must appoint an inspection committee consisting of three or more members to inspect each property subject to appeal. The committee must inspect the property and submit a written report to the board within 30 days. Within 15 days of receiving the committee report, the board shall issue a written decision, which must include the reasons the board arrived at its conclusion. This document is then filed with the town clerk, who records it in the same book where the appeal was recorded and, without delay, notifies the appellant of the action of the board by certified mail.


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